A+E Group

The Architecture and Engineering Group

Located in Wilkes-Barre, PA; A+E Group specializes in Architectural and Engineering Services, including HVAC, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, and Landscape Design.


As design professionals our actions are guided by parallel duties to our clients and the public-at-large. We strive to provide designs that exceed client needs while balancing a design’s cost and construction schedule. At the same time, designs should benefit mankind while meeting accepted safety, health, and public welfare standards.

Creating designs guided by parallel duties is consistent with our sustainability practice. True sustainable designs are as beneficial to the client as to the public-at-large. We have accepted as our charge the opportunity to further educate our clients and the community on the benefits of sustainability measures including such measures that address energy efficient systems, sustainable materials, waste generation, and financial resources. We also remain open to our own education with regard to developing our sustainability practice.

Our Offices


Our company has implemented sustainability measures during the construction of our office facilities at the Maffett Hill Office Complex. A nearly 100-year old former elementary school was renovated into the office complex. Brick partitions between classrooms were demolished to open the floor plan and spread natural light and ventilation. The brick was reused as part of an on-site, underground storm water detention facility. Excess brick was provided free of charge to the community and used for neighborhood residential patios and walkways.  Site impervious area was reduced, green space added, and trees planted.

Other sustainable measures included retaining the existing high (13’+) ceiling heights wherever practical for natural temperature controls and ventilation; the use of energy efficient mechanical and lighting systems including energy recovery devices, automatic temperature controls and dimming devices; the use of low VOC paints and caulking; and the use of recycled materials in the walk-off mats and carpet tile.

Daily Sustainable Practices


Day to day sustainable practices include the recycling of card board, paper, aluminum, and plastic products. Samples such as carpet provided by salesman and manufacturers as part of the design process are returned for reuse or recycling. Staff are encouraged to offer conservation and environmentally responsible practices at our office and to our clients.

Sustainable Designs

All designs are developed with systems that conserve energy and resources. Energy recovery units, water conservation, and lighting controls are routinely recommended and wetlands and environmentally sensitive areas are avoided where feasible.